Appointment Setting

B2B appointment-setting services are an important part of any successful sales process. Appointment setting is the act of setting up and scheduling business meetings between two parties. It's a critical step in the sales cycle and can make the difference between success and failure. With SAC Insight, we work closely with your sales team to become experts in your solutions and develop an appointment-setting cadence that will accelerate your sales revenue goals. Our teams of operational campaign managers and professional SDRs will generate sales appointments from your target accounts, ensuring that when you meet the prospect, they are in-market and informed on your brand and solutions.

We achieved the end goal by adopting multiple strategies. Some of the key highlights of our techniques and tools:

  • 70 Million B2B Contacts

  • 180,000 companies

  • Over 2000 appointments a year

  • Role based Appointments generation

  • Campaign Analytics with weekly/daily reporting

  • 200+ Dials a day

  • Appointments with survey

  • Iterative process

  • Low re-scheduled rate

How We Deliver Value

We strive to deliver genuine value and act as an extended team. Our value is based on the following approaches:
  • Pay on Actual Attend - Fixed price Model

  • Appointments with survey questions

  • Role based targeting to reduce cost by higher conversation hence drive higher ROI to clients

  • Suppression Management

  • Pitch directly to the decision makers, influencers, or users

  • Install base targeting

  • Create/ramp your own inside sales team on a monthly retainer model

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