Global Fatty Acid Market – Industry, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2016-2023

Published Date: 15/10/2022
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Product Description

Fatty acid is a carboxylic acid with long side chain of hydrocarbons in the end. Fatty acids are obtained from the fats as well as oils of animals and vegetables. Coconut, palm, and palm kernel oils are used for manufacturing natural fatty acids. Oleic acid, Linoleic acid, Palmitoleic acid, Euric acid, Stearic acid, Palmitic acid and Cerotic acid are some of the major fatty acids.
Fatty acids find their applications in the manufacturing of cosmetics, detergents, rubber, textiles, soaps and others. The growth in the global fatty acids market is driven by the awareness among people about the medicinal and health benefits of fatty acids. Moreover, the demand for soaps, detergents, and household and personal care products across the globe is helping the fatty acids market to sustain the growth owing to applications in these sectors. However, fluctuating prices of raw materials is one of the major restraints in the global fatty acids market.
The global fatty acids market was sized over 11 million tons in 2016 with market value of US$ 9,481.7 and expected to reach US$ 13,682.5 million by 2023, at a growth rate of CAGR between XX % between 2017 and 2013

Table of Content

Table of Content

1 Executive Summary

2 Section 1: Preface
3 Report Description
4 Research Methodology
5 Market Segmentation
6 Assumptions
7 Data and Prediction Modeling

8 Section 2: Market Overview
9 Definition and Market Estimation Parameters (Primary and Secondary Research)
10 Global Fatty Acid Market Overview (Addressable Market Size and Growth Potential), 2012-2016

11 Section 3: Market Dynamics
12 Overview
13 Drivers
14 Challenges
15 Opportunities

16 Section 4: Global Fatty Acid Market Target Population (End-User, Company that Utilize Fatty Acids ) Analysis, 2013-2023
17 Overview
18 Regional , 2013-2023
19 North America
20 Europe
21 Asia Pacific
22 RoW

23 5: Major Demand Determinants (End-User Analysis)
24 Overview
25 cosmetics & toiletries (End-User Companies
26 Soap and cleaners (End-User Companies0
27 Rubber processing (End-User Companies0
28 Lubricants, grease, and waxes (End-User Companies0
29 Others (End-User Companies

30 Section 6: Global Fatty Acid Market Pricing Trends by Region, 2013-2016

31 Section 7: Global Fatty Acid Market by Chain Length, 2016-2023 (US$, Million) and Volume (Tons)
32 Overview
33 Short-chain fatty acids
34 Less than C-6
35 Medium-chain fatty acids
36 C-6 to C-12
37 Long-chain fatty acids
38 C-13 to C-21
39 Very Long-chain fatty acids
40 More than C-22

41 Section 8: Global Fatty Acid Market by Source, 2016-2023 (US$, Million) and Volume (Tons)
42 Overview
43 hard animal fats
44 soybean
45 palm kernel
46 coconut
47 crude tall oil

48 Section 9: Global Fatty Acid Market by Application, 2016-2023 (US$, Million) and Volume (Tons)
49 cosmetics & toiletries applications
50 Soap and cleaners
51 Rubber processing
52 Lubricants, grease, and waxes
53 Others

54 Section 10: Global Fatty Acid Market by Region, 2016-2023 (US$, Million)
55 Overview
56 North America
57 Europe
58 Asia Pacific
59 Latin America
60 Middle East

61 Section 11: Competitive Landscape
62 Market Share Analysis, 2015 & 2016,
63 Key Players
64 Wilmer International
65 KLK
66 Musim
67 IOI Group (Prai)
68 RUGAO Shuangma Chemical Co., Ltd.
IOI Pan Century

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